Types of Herbal Teas And Their Associated Benefits

Herbal teas have a world's richness of health. Through centuries, this beverage has been used by people from all over the world as it has a number of medicinal benefits. One benefit the healthy herbal teas online in India have is their vitamin content which is high. Let's see some of them with their benefits -

  • Anise and apple tea are rich in antioxidants. Anise tea frees the stomach from ache, flatulence, relieve indigestion, and relieve gripping pain. It is also helpful in enhancing the milk supply during lactation. One can get rid of digestive and colic disorders by having this tea.
  • Herbal teas of apple and cinnamon have high antioxidants. Person suffering from cold should have this tea in order to get relaxed. Person can also ease in flatulence, nausea, painful menstrual periods, and diarrhoea.
  • Herbal tea containing ginger and apple is one other powerful antioxidant. It has the capability to treat travel sickness, upset stomach, and low-grade fevers. One can use this tea as a digestive aid. This herbal tea is also useful in limiting flatulence and reducing the dizziness.
  • Artichoke tea is again good in antioxidants and is useful in enhancing the functioning of digestive system. It strengthens the gall bladder function and liver.
  • Breathe deep tea is best for respiratory system.
  • Herbal tea of Camomile and spearmint is believed to reduce insomnia and anxiety. It further reduces nausea and stomach ache. This tea helps in indigestion and heart burn.
  • Caraway tea is good for people who do not feel hungry and it works to enhance the appetite. It also calms down the digestive disorders.
  • Cho-Yung tea is for promotion of weight loss.
  • Classic Earl Grey contains bergamot oil and bergamot flavour.
  • For relieving the indigestion, stomach aches, heartburn, and constipation you can take Dandelion tea.
  • For preventing colds and further reducing its symptoms, Echinacea and cranberry tea are good.
  • For solving the problem of high blood pressure, there is ginger hibiscus tea.
  • In order to improve the blood circulation, memory, and oxygen levels green tea with gingko is one perfect choice.
  • For increasing the libido and for the treatment of male erectile dysfunction, ginseng green tea is a good choice.
  • Lemon green tea is loaded with the richness of lemon. It contains the vitamin C. It is one of the natural antioxidants with strong effects. It also helps in clearing the skin and enhancing the digestive process.
  • For improving the cholesterol levels, weight loss, and promoting the properties such as antiseptic, anti-microbial, antibacterial and anti-fungal manuka Honey green tea is a great option.
  • For relieving the hypertension and blood pressure, ginger and goji berry hibiscus is a great choice.
  • For bright eyes and clear skin, Lemongrass tea is a good option as it contains a good amount of vitamin A.
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