About us

The SuiGeneris Agronomy Pvt Ltd. is one of the pioneers in starting a Green Industrial Revolution in Manipur where the main aim is to restore the present economical condition by utilizing the already available resources and manufacture world class products. We aim for long-term growth not just for us, but for Manipur and India as a whole. The company is creating avenues to provide opportunities to the underprivileged women and youths who are stranded and lost in the present economical war. The firm has already promoted Cymbopogon citratus plantation in various areas of Manipur and encouraging results has motivated us for further expansion of the plantation which can generate tremendous job opportunities among the rural masses. It may lead to a revolutionary transformation of the current gloomy economic scenario with an era of economic boom and prosperity for all sections of society. The firm is managed by a team of professionals having sound business grounds and is backed by a team of advisers comprised of well experienced professionals in Legal, Financial and Technical fields. We gladly serve you through our products and welcome new ideas, discussion and advice, as well as helping hands.