Impacting Women's Livelihood


For Every Packet of CC Tea You Buy, You Are Actually Making Someone Smile

As the social situation of Manipur remains no secret to the general masses, this social unrest has resulted in further chaos in the society leaving many without a home to live, lamenting mothers whose sons are dead in this conflict, helpless wives whose husbands are long dead in this chaos. When we talk about Women Empowerment, we believe these are the women who need to be supported and empowered. They are the neglected sections of the society who are struggling for survival for no fault of theirs.​​

We at the Sui Generis are proud to make this statement that we are empowering around 1500 underprivileged 

women directly and indirectly, who, otherwise, would have been lost in their war of survival without a trace, by giving them employment in our factory and farms. We help them make independent decisions on their personal development and shine equally in the society. We believe that independence begins with financial freedom and by giving these women employment we are trying to provide them an opportunity to live on their own and not under someone else’s support.

Manipur has suffered a lot due to the unrest, conflicts and violence. All these factors have pegged back the growth and development of the state which is very rich in terms of availability of unique flora and fauna and rich bio-diversity.

Our Organization is on a mission to eradicate poverty by providing employments to the people thus keeping peace in the society as a whole. We are triggering a much-needed wave of development in this struggling region and have opened the doors for an era of economic bloom and prosperity for all sections of the society.

This project will create plenty of opportunity for the youths to work, earn and grow in the state. Unemployment is one of the major problems in the state of Manipur. The youths of Manipur want to work and move ahead in their lives, but there is a serious lack of opportunities for them. We want to give them an equal opportunity to grow and prosper through our project as they are no way lesser talented than people from other parts of India. We believe that the best we can fight poverty and corruption is by generating employment and giving the youth opportunities to come forward and work for their betterment. And to fulfill our commitment to this cause, we are already providing employment close to 2000 people at our farms and factory. When we look at the potential of this project, if we capture 1% of world’s tea market share of 4.6 million tons p.a., the project has a potential to generate 21,000 numbers of employment.

Please Remember!!
For Every Packet Of CC Tea You Buy, You are Actually Making Many Underprivileged People in Manipur Smile.