Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision

SuiGeneris Agronomy Private Limited headquartered in Manipur, is currently manufacturing and distributing caffeine free herbal tisane brand named “CC Tea”. The herbal tisane is derived from one of the species of Lemon Grass viz., Cymbopogon citratus, which is 100% natural,100% chemical-free, and is certified by FSSAI and SGS India.

The company started its operation in 2011 by developing one of the most unique products not just in the India but across the world. With its tremendous success in the North-East India, the company aims to step further to reach the global market through expansion of plantation, diverse product development, and geographical expansion.

CCTea has been named by YourStory, a start-up media platform, as one of the Made in India brands to look out for in 2021.


  • To continue research, develop, and manufacture chemical-free herbal tisane and further develop more therapeutic products.
  • To support women empowerment and reduce unemployment rate in the community by utilizing local resources.
  • To stop illegal plantations like Poppy and Cannabis by leasing the land from the farmers and utilizing them as workforce in the CC Tea factory and farms.


  • To become a trusted brand globally by delivering Chemical-free products that improve well beings of our consumers and nurture Mother Earth.